Montessori Embroidery Sewing Box – Marble

Montessori Embroidery Sewing Box – Marble

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A beautiful Montessori inspired embroidery sewing box!

The child will develop their hand-eye coordination, pincer grasp (important for pre-writing skills) and concentration. A valuable tool for developing lifelong skills and knowledge for sewing!

Inside the box you will find:

One 6inch embroidery hoop with fabric.
Four colours of embroidery floss stored on reusable cards. (Don’t throw the cards away! You will find them very handy to refill as most shops sell the floss in a large loop).
One jar with screwcap lid, inside you will find a generous selection of large and small buttons.
One vintage style thimble.
Child sized scissors stored in a 100% cotton button fastened envelope.
Two embroidery needles stored in a 100% cotton snap fastened envelope.
100% cotton pin cushion.
Variety of additional sewing fabrics.

Wooden heart shaped sewing card.
One heat erase pen to draw out your pattern. When you have finished sewing, use an iron to press over the ink marks and watch them disappear!
21cm X 21cm X 5cm storage box with magnetic closure lid.

The sewing embroidery box is not a toy and adult supervision is required.

Such a wonderful resource for developing your child’s sewing skills in the home environment, educational setting or why not buy it for a gift!

Care instructions:
The pincushion, scissor and needle envelopes are 100% cotton.
They can be hand washed and air dried on a flat surface.

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