Montessori Mapping Game – mats only

Montessori Mapping Game – mats only

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The Montessori mapping game is an activity carried out on the table or the floor. These are two identically quilted 100% cotton mats that consist of a road and a river. The mats are sewn from two layers of fabric and have a a 2oz polyester wadding in-between. The mats are top stitched for durability and stability.


The aim of the activity:
To develop the child’s language (prepositions);
To give the child a sensorial introduction to the principles of mapping;
Opportunities for spatial orientation and to develop their skills of observation.

What you will need:
The mapping game mats.
A tray with approximately 5-6 pairs of identical buildings/objects to place on the mats.

Presentation instructions:
Show the child how to arrange the two maps with the buildings or objects on a tray in-between the maps. Look at the maps and discuss them, explaining that they are like pictures of a town and that they are the same (identical).
Talk about the things that you will see in a town: roads, railways, rivers, lakes, ponds, cars, and the most important things buildings!
The adult and child take turns to place an object on the map, placing it in the exact position as the first.
If the child has difficulty placing the object in the same position as the adult’s, then let the child start first. The adult will place theirs second, describing what they are doing so that the child gets the idea of what is required.
Use lots of preposition language: near, close, above, below, under, over, by, on, next to.

Approximate size dimension of one mat: 50cm x 47cm

Care instructions:
Hand wash
Hang dry
Warm iron
No tumble dry

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