Mystery bag and blindfold – ladybird HIDDEN

Mystery bag and blindfold – ladybird HIDDEN

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The Montessori Mystery Bag, also referred to as the Stereognostic Bag. The purpose of the activity is to develop the child’s stereognostic sense, our ability to identify objects based on touch alone.

Place 4-6 real and familiar objects inside the bag. The child is invited to place his/her hand into the bag and without looking inside, choose an object, feel the object and then name the object. The child will then bring the object out and place it on the table, ascertaining whether or not they’ve correctly identified the object.

The child will only use their sense of touch to identify the object by feeling the object’s temperature, weight, shape and texture. It is through experiences like these that help the child learn about the world around them.

The bag is approximately 21cm x 17cm in size with an elasticated opening. It is made from 2 layers of 100% cotton, and can be reversible.
The coordinated blind fold is approximately 8cm x 19cm in size, with a 30cm elastic band. The elastic band has a hook and loop fastening behind in case you need to adjust the size.

Care instructions:
Hand wash and hang dry.
Warm iron after.
No tumble dry.

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