Topponcino Mat, Oeko-tex, 100% cotton, White

Topponcino Mat, Oeko-tex, 100% cotton, White

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The Topponcino mattress is a thin, soft mattress that provides comfort, support and consistency throughout the babies first few months of life. It is used to provide the new born baby with security when being passed between adult’s arms, and when transferring them into their bed. Our mat is made from three thin layers of soft Oeko-tex 100% cotton batting, which is secured in a Oeko-tex 100% cotton cover. The mat is soft, comfortable and approximately twice as long and wide as a new born baby. It is a great tool for gently moving a new born baby and keeps them warm and comfortable when snuggled in someone’s arms.

The pillowcase sleeves are sewn from White 100% Cotton.

You will have 3 choices to purchase:  Mat only, Mat and 1 sleeve, Mat and 2 sleeves.

Our Topponcino mattress and pillowcase sleeve is created from a self-drafted pattern, so I cannot guarantee that the sleeve will fit another seller’s Topponcino mattress. Thank you.

Approximate dimensions: 37cm x 67cm in size and 1.5cm thick

Care instructions:
Machine wash at 40 degrees.
Hang dry
No tumble dry
Warm iron

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Mat and 1 white sleeve, Mat and 2 white sleeves, Mat only


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