Transferring felt balls with mini tongs – blue

Transferring felt balls with mini tongs – blue

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A transferring activity using felt balls and mini tongs.

The aim is for the child to develop fine motor skills, focus, and concentration while transferring small objects from one bowl to another. The little tongs will strengthen hand muscles and teach the child how to use the kitchen utensil too.

I have included 15 small felt wool balls, the intention is for the child to use 10 and keep 5 balls as replacements should they lose one. The perfect opportunity for the child to count out quantities of 10!

The rope bowls are 100% cotton and approximately 9cm in diameter.

The mini tongs are stainless steel and approximately 11cm long.

The felt wool balls are hand shaped and approximately 1.5cm big.

This is not a toy and adult supervision is necessary as the felt balls are a choking hazard.


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