Tropical Jungle Cotton Apron and Hat Set, 3-5 years only

Tropical Jungle Cotton Apron and Hat Set, 3-5 years only

£18.50 inc. Vat

Montessori style aprons – the elastic neck and hook and loop belt are designed to enable the children to put the apron on and take it off without any help from an adult! They love to do things for themselves! Great for developing independence and self confidence.

“Help me to help myself “ Maria Montessori

Machine washable 40 degrees
Medium iron
No dry clean
No tumble dry

Please note that the props are not included. Only the apron is for sale. Each apron cover may vary slightly depending on the placement of the pattern.

There are two options available:
1. Apron only
2. Apron and chef hat

Sizing guide:
(The measurements do not include the elasticated neck. Please note that the measurements are approximate and may vary slightly due to the materials used).

1-2 years: 41cm long and 32cm wide
2-3 years: 44cm long and 34cm wide
3-5 years: 47cm long and 37cm wide
5-7 years: 50cm long and 40cm wide
Adult apron: 84cm long and 61cm wide

Chef hat: The hat has a hook and loop tape fastening at the back that allows for adjustment.

Adult aprons: The adult aprons will be the same design as a child apron, however it will have two straps that tie around the back and not the hook & loop fastening. The Adult apron has no hat add-on.

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1-2 years apron and chef hat, 1-2 years apron only, 2-3 years apron and chef hat, 2-3 years apron only, 3-5 years apron and chef hat, 3-5 years apron only, 5-7 years apron and chef hat, 5-7 years apron only, 7-9 years apron and chef hat, 7-9 years apron only, Adult apron only


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