Walking on the Line roll

Walking on the Line roll

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Please note that this is a pre-order item and will take approximately 2 weeks to finish.  If you purchase additional items, the order will be posted together in the same bag/box once complete.  Thank you!

You will receive a solid black coloured roll with a solid colour of choice stripe running down the centre of the roll.

The Walking on the Line roll is handmade from a premium 100% cotton fabric. The roll has a 2oz polyester wadding inner to provide a padded surface for the child to walk along. The fabric has beautiful top stitching along the stripes to provide stability and durability. It has a handy hook and loop tab fastening for storage.

The Purpose of Walking on the Line:
Montessori was a careful observer and she noticed that children liked to walk along logs, curbs & low fences. She understood that they were mastering their sense of balance.
The child between 3-6 years old, is in a sensitive period of movement, and so she created the Walking on the Line exercises to help children develop their coordination, balance, muscular control, and body awareness.

The roll is introduced to the child, unfastened and laid in a straight flat line.
Demonstrate to the child how to carefully place one foot in front of the other and slowly walk along the line, keeping the whole foot on the line.
After the children are able to stay on the line, introduce heel-to-toe walking as you play soft background music.
Later, provide more challenge with items the children can choose to carry as they walk:
A small flag, held at arm’s length.
A bell held so that it doesn’t ring.
A glass of water, partially full. Later the glass can be filled to the brim or balanced on a tray.
Two different objects, one in each hand, held at different heights.
A beanbag or basket balanced on the head.
Increase the difficulty by putting objects in a basket; round objects that can roll around offer the most challenge.
A spoon holding a wooden egg, ball or beads.
Once the child is finished with the exercise, he/she can roll the line up and fasten it with a hook and loop tab. The roll can be stored in a basket/bag containing the other items, available to the child whenever they choose.

Approximately 215cm long and 8cm wide.
100% cotton

Care instructions:
Hand wash
Hang dry
Warm iron

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Blue stripe on black roll, Brown stripe on black roll, Green stripe on black roll, Pink stripe on black roll, Purple stripe on black roll, Red stripe on black roll, Yellow stripe on black roll


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