Colour Box 3 control work mat – colour wheel

Colour Box 3 control work mat – colour wheel

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The Colour Box 3 work mat is approximately 78cm in diameter. It is sewn from 100% cotton, with a 2oz polyester wadding inner for comfort and durability. The centre colour wheel circle is sewn applique to the centre of the mat. It provides a point of reference for where the child begins to grade each colour.

THE COLOUR BOX 3 TABLETS AND BOX ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE SALE. Only the mat is included in the purchase.

Montessori Colour box 3 Lesson Presentation:
The box divided is into 9 sections, containing seven shades of nine different colours: Blue, red, yellow, purple, orange, green, pink, black to white, brown.
The child is invited to name the colours, and grade each colour from the darkest to the lightest shade.
The objective is to refine the child’s perception of colour and to develop visual discrimination.

Care instructions:
Machine wash on a cool delicate cycle.
Hang dry
Warm iron

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