Montessori birthday celebration mat PREORDER

Montessori birthday celebration mat PREORDER

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The Montessori birthday celebration mat. A beautiful 100% cotton quilted mat. The activity gives the child a concrete experience of how many years they have aged, and also links in with later knowledge of geography, and their understanding of the world around them.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS A PREORDER ITEM AND WILL TAKE UP TO TWO WEEKS TO COMPLETE.

How to use the mat:
Place the mat on a table or on the floor.
Assist the young child with placing the named month’s of the year cards rotating around the sun mat.
A lit candle in a safe ramakin/jar can be placed in the centre of the mat. Please use extreme caution as this is a fire hazard and an adult should light the candle and monitor at all times.
The lit candle represents the sun, but it is not necessary as the mat also represents the sun.
The child will share photo’s of themselves as a baby with their friends.
The child will then hold a globe and walk around the sun mat the number of years he/she is in age.

The sun mat and laminated cards are included.
The candle and ramekin are not included.

Diagonal measurement 48.5cm.

The mat is 100% cotton and quilted with wadding.  The cards are laminated.

Care instructions:
Hand wash and hang dry.
Warm iron.
No tumble dry.

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