Wipe Clean Toddler Placemat Charcoal Grey

Wipe Clean Toddler Placemat Charcoal Grey

£7.50£67.00 inc. Vat

A beautiful practical faux leather placemat to teach toddlers and young children how to set the table!

*****These placemats are to pre-order, please let me know how you would like the crockery/cutlery placements and your cotton thread colour choice.

The placemat provides the child with an opportunity to use real materials, and the ability to set the table independently. The knife, fork, spoon, plate and glass shapes are stitched providing a control of error (the child will know where to place the crockery and cutlery without an adult’s help). Not only is the placemat a beautiful addition to the table, it is also practical by keeping the eating area clean, and stopping the plate, bowl or glass from slipping around.

The price is for a placemat only, all other props in the photo are not included.

Approximate size: 35cm X 30cm

Care instructions:
Wipe clean only.
You can use a cool iron on the reverse side to iron out any wrinkles.


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